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Accident Lawyer, Atif M Sheikh

As your Las Vegas accident lawyer, Atif M Sheikh, helps you navigate the ins and outs of the legal system from beginning to end – Atif M Sheikh knows what to do in each scenario and step of the process including litigation (when your case goes to court).

Accident Law Practice Areas

If you or a loved one has been injured and is suffering from any of the following types of accidents, call (702) 938-0495 today!

Common Questions for Accident Lawyers

Who should get an accident lawyer?

Anyone who has been in an accident and suffered accident injuries due to the negligence of others should consult with an accident lawyer immediately. Call 702-938-0495 for help from Las Vegas accident lawyer Atif M Sheikh.

Do I have to court if I hire an accident lawyer?

Not all accident injury cases advance to court. Hiring Las Vegas accident lawyer Atif M Sheikh will help provide answers, and may lead to your case being settled out of court. However, if your case does advance to trial, then Las Vegas accident lawyer Atif M Sheikh will provide excellent representation.

What is an accident lawyer and what do they do?

Las Vegas accident lawyer Atif M Sheikh specializes in accident injury cases from start to finish including: offering legal advice, evaluating claims, finding evidence, and communicating with all parties involved, as well as negotiating settlements, and drafting settlement agreements. In addition, an accident lawyer files lawsuits on your behalf, and represents you in court.

How much does an accident lawyer cost?

The cost of Las Vegas accident lawyer Atif M Sheikh is based on contingency. Contingency means the attorney will retain differing percentages based on your case settling out of court, or going to trial.

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